Donors are defined in our society as those that give money or financial support to people or institutions.

It is also defined as someone that gives their life blood or organs so that others may thrive and survive.

When you donate to Skull and Crossbones Wrestling Club you will be able to count yourself as vital to us in both categories. Your money (no matter how big or small) will provide financial stability and support for our organization. For those of you that know the history of this sport and this community dating back to 1964, you will be donating the life blood we need to see our traditions continue. Alumni and friends of this program know the rich tradition we have. Seeing the next generation of Buccaneer wrestlers infused with the same pride, dignity and respect you earned is a priceless transaction. We would love any and all donations you might be able to make. Is there a dollar figure you can come up with when looking back on your time in this sport and in this program? For me, my memories and life lessons are priceless as I know they are for you. Let's all help the next generation!

- Steve Knutson class of 1995

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