Who will my child wrestle?
Tournaments are divided into age and weight groups. Your child will only wrestle people that are the same age and weight.

How do I get my USA Wrestling Membership?
You must create an account on and add the limited or full athlete membership to your cart, then purchase the membership

Why do I need a USA Wrestling Membership?
Our team is a USA Wrestling chartered club and in order to compete in tournaments and be covered under the club insurance, you must be a member of the governing organization.

How do I register for tournaments?
A coach will always send out pre-registration links for upcoming tournaments. All youth season tournament registrations will be through and you may search for tournaments under the “browse” tab of their homepage.

What equipment do we need?
You need wrestling shoes, athletic shorts, and a t-shirt. Singlets (uniforms) are required for tournaments. Headgear is optional. Wrestling shoes can be found at a local sporting goods store or online. Asics, Nike and Adidas are among popular brands.

How does my child weigh in for tournaments?
All in-season youth tournaments have satellite weigh-ins except for the state tournament. Satellite weigh-ins are done after practice on Thursday nights. The state tournament will be on-site weigh-ins. Your child must weigh right on or below the weight you are registering for. You may not weigh anything above the weight you sign up for.