The overriding goal and ambition of the Skull and Crossbones Wrestling Club is to help athletes experience the sport of wrestling in a way that provides them a platform to not only become excellent wrestlers, but successful human beings in any endeavors they encounter in their journey of life.

  • The sport of wrestling is the most physically and mentally demanding of sports. The dedication, hard work and sacrifice they experience will be the building blocks for success they can use for a lifetime.
  • We do not believe in participation trophies, however we believe in the ultimate respect and admiration that all teammates, coaches, parents and competitors earns through training and competition.
  • In a sport that instills humility, strength and personal growth we teach our athletes to celebrate their success and to learn from their losses. Regardless of the outcome, respect for our opponents will be displayed.
  • We are in strong opposition to the notion that young athletes are incapable of overcoming challenges and difficult situations. Instead we provide an atmosphere that will build self-confidence through adversity.
  • The character, commitment, perseverance, consistency and teamwork our athletes learn on the mat will make them a valuable asset to any organization they become a part of.
  • Through this sport we will teach them to take personal pride in hard work but also how to apply their personal successes to a more important team goal.

In short, we will give our athletes an advantage in a society that has always been based on competition.